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Hi! Welcome to my site, which gives a little insight into the content I create, the stories I write, and the social media aptitude I carry.

I am a Fashion Editor at SHEI Magazine, which entails spearheading the conceptualization and execution of fashion and beauty shoots. Though, beneath the façade of the title, I am often pinned with being scrappy and working without a budget. I must be quick, curious and smart—I am consistently being pushed into puddles—and yet, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Challenge serves a better reward.

In addition to this, I work as a Social Media Communicator for the arts on campus. I sometimes feel like a club promoter, but one without the sweaty dancing and questionable cocktails. Yet, I still feel the same energy and elation navigating this ever-changing, fast-paced digital world. I am excited to bringing my experiences to new heights in industry.


I solve problems with creativity


Alana is the Editor-in-Chief at SHEI Magazine, a fashion, arts & culture magazine, where she oversees all content related to the print magazine and its digital platforms.

She is currently in NYC for the summer working as a Creative Associate at HRY GROUP, which invests & cultivates projects in art, fashion & beauty. In addition, she is developing her press skills as a PR Intern with Garni, a female-founded company disrupting the hosiery market.



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